Visitor analysis 2018

A total of 7,098 high-quality trade visitors attended the 2018 exhibition over three days and were highly satisfied with their visit.

Buyers came from a huge range of industry sectors, with the majority of visitors discovering new products, services or suppliers of commercial interest at the show.

Job function

  • Manager / general manager 31%
  • Owner / C level 30%
  • Staff 17%
  • Chef 8%
  • Junior / Intern / Student 5%
  • Not specified 9%

Business type

  • Restaurant / Café / Bar / Foodservice 49%
  • Affiliated 13%
  • Retail eg. Supermarket, Convenience Store, Wholesale etc 11%
  • Distributor 11%
  • Non-Exhibiting Supplier 10%
  • Accommodation 4%
  • Not specified 2%

Purchasing role

  • Advisory influence only 17%
  • Sole responsibility 25%
  • Joint responsibility 33%
  • No influence 16%
  • Not specified 9%

Key visitor and exhibitor feedback

Influence on purchases

51% of visitors said they are considering placing orders or purchasing items they wouldn't have otherwise considered.

69% of visitors have met suppliers they wouldn't have otherwise met.

Visitor feedback

  • 7,098 visitors ready to buy
  • 97% of visitors expressed their overall satisfaction with the show
  • 82% of visitors said they discovered new products, services, or suppliers of commercial interest at the show
  • $17,357,036 total visitor spend – an average of $2,445 per visitor

Exhibitor feedback

  • 334 exhibitors from around the world
  • 45 international exhibitors
  • 67% were exhibiting for the first time
  • 48% of exhibitors launched one or more new products at the show
  • $108,012 average value of leads per exhibitor

Post-show report

Each year we survey visitors and exhibitors at the show. We also measure and report statistics from marketing, public relations, and website activity. If you want to find out more about the who, what, when, and why of the show, please contact us for the complete 2018 post-show report.

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