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Aligning your brand with a XPO show presents an unrivalled opportunity to get up close and personal with a highly motivated target market. It is a unique, uncluttered and undiluted customer contact point.

Sponsorship allows you to have a significant impact, elevating your company, product, service or brand over and above your competitors, and sometimes (if the price is right) even giving you exclusive opportunities so your competitors aren’t present at the event at all!

All sponsorships come with a wide range of benefits including pre- and post-show promotion, significant online benefits and integration into the show's marketing and PR campaign (on varying levels). All sponsorships will include boosted profiles and boosted emails as part of their package.

Sponsors also have their own dedicated section on the show websites where they can regularly refresh content, promote their presence at the show, and integrate with their own social media activities.

Sponsorships can come in all shapes and sizes ranging from taking name rights of a major feature within a show, to creating your own feature experience and having it integrated in the shows promotional campaign ensuring it is highlighted a ‘must-visit’ experience for show attendees.

Being a show sponsor allows your business to engage with visitors in a fun and meaningful way; it offers a multiple layer of benefits that transcends any static or digital media. It means that your company can ‘own’ the hearts and minds of our visitors. Our team is standing by to assist and collaborate with you to ensure the most successful outcome for your business.

Sponsorship levels include:

  • Naming Rights Sponsor
  • Category Partner – such as Official Car Sponsor
  • Door Prize

Contact marketing and discuss the options