Why become a Baby Show exhibitor?

If your business provides products and services for pregnancy, new parents, babies, toddlers, or preschool children, the Baby Show is where you need to be. It’s your golden opportunity to capture the parenting market and make new sales. 


Baby Show

19 - 20 August 2023, Auckland Showgrounds


Autumn Baby Show

9 - 10 March 2024, Auckland Showgrounds


Connect with big crowds

The Baby Show audience is refreshed every year as a new wave of ordinary people suddenly find themselves pregnant and often under-prepared for their new role. The show attracts large crowds of young parents and parents-to-be, primed and ready to buy.

Make more sales

These events put you in direct contact with thousands of potential customers and enable them to experience your products first-hand. No other marketing medium gets you face-to-face with so many qualified prospects at such a reasonable price – and helps you make more sales.

Get more marketing value

The Baby Show drives your marketing dollars further and produces measurable ROI by enabling you to generate sales leads, attract new customers, gather customer data, conduct market research, and ultimately drive more sales. Plus opportunities to network and track industry trends.

Promote your business online

The Baby Show website attracts massive traffic around each show and is used all year round by potential visitors. As an exhibitor, you'll get your own profile page on the website, banner ads for your own website, and opportunities to post information to our Facebook, Instagram, and exhibitor news pages.

Harness the power of face-to-face marketing

Customers get the full story at exhibitions. They can pick up your product, test it out, ask you questions, compare and contrast, and purchase on the spot.

Each Baby Show attracts thousands of new customers and puts you in direct, face-to-face contact so you can make your pitch and close the deal.

No other medium drives your marketing spend further or gives you more opportunities to promote your brand, demonstrate your products and services, grow your customer databases, and make new sales.

Get ready to do great business

Our exhibitors meet their business objectives at the Baby Show – they sample and sell products and services, educate their markets, position their companies, and build databases. We're highly experienced at targeting your audiences and can help you get the most from each show. The bottom line is: we're here to help you do great business.

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Convert stand visitors into repeat business

The Baby Show will provide your business with growth opportunities, enhancing your ability to attract customers at the show, make face-to-face sales, capture customer interest after the show, follow up for more sales, and build ongoing brand awareness and loyalty.

Comprehensive marketing supports your investment

We utilise the full range of promotional options available – including TV, radio, print, outdoor, and online advertising – to refresh its audiences year after year and support your investment.

Carefully targeted PR and marketing activities are deployed in the lead-up to each show to achieve maximum visibility and generate 'buzz' in the marketplace.

Send us media releases about your new products for potential inclusion in PR opportunities, including radio and magazines.

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Online promotion extends your reach

The Baby Show website is designed to communicate effectively with thousands of visitors before, during, and after each show, and make your exhibition investment go further.

Utilise your own profile page within the site to promote your specials, competitions, and new products, and to initiate two-way conversations with your customers.

Email newsletters

A cornerstone of our promotional programme every year is a carefully timed series of email newsletters sent to our growing visitor database.

Written with compelling information about each of the shows and their many features, these newsletters are an excellent opportunity to promote your latest products, special deals, competitions, and more.

Social networking

Mums, dads, and parents-to-be are one of the most web-savvy demographic groups, and are getting more so every year.

Connecting with these audiences online has huge potential for your brand and can help your company grow its online presence.

We use Facebook and Instagram to promote the Baby Show and enable exhibitors to communicate directly with our friends and followers.

The website and these social networking channels are essential online tools that will help build bigger audiences for the shows and ultimately promote your products and services.

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Turbo-charge your promotional power with a sponsorship package tailored to hit your targets. A wide range of sponsorship options are available, including:

  • Naming Rights Sponsor
  • Category Partner - such as Offical Car Sponsor
  • Seminar Series Sponsor
  • Parents Room Sponsor
  • Door Prize Sponsor
  • Kids Zone Sponsor
  • Goodie Bag Sponsor
  • Associate Partner 
  • Supporting Sponsor

Discuss these and other options with us

What exhibitors say about the show

“We’ve just launched our baby buggies here, KinderPod, at the show for the first time, we’ve never been to a Baby Show before. Because we’re selling online people can’t get up close and personal to our product. This show has been absolutely amazing to launch from because we have had thousands and thousands of people who have been coming past asking us to demo our product. They’ve been aware of who we are but aren't exactly aware of what our product looks like, how it feels, and what it’s like to maneuverer, so this show has enabled us to capture a live audience. We are absolutely going to be coming back to The Baby Show next year.”

Patricia Court - KinderPod

“The Baby Show is a wonderful opportunity to reach first time parents and grandparents and to impart knowledge, education and support for your products I would say its the premium number 1 baby show that I’ve ever attended and I come every year religiously - it’s wonderful.”

Miriam Rutherford - Safe T Sleep

“It’s like opening a shop for a three days and having over 14,000 people come. We certainly plan for it every year and it’s a really important time for us to interface with the public. So not only do we do the instant sales here, because we do specials of course, but it also gives us that year-long exposure where they incubate the idea - they see it at the show, but they don’t need it for 6 months, and they come back to us.”

Kate Hornblow - Natures Sway

“The Baby Show is a wonderful opportunity to reach first time parents and grandparents and to impart knowledge, education and support for your products I would say its the premium number 1 baby show that I’ve ever attended and I come every year religiously - it’s wonderful.”

Miriam Rutherford - Safe T Sleep

We attract trade visitors too

Although the Baby Shows are not trade shows, they are the biggest baby and parenting events in New Zealand and therefore attract significant numbers of trade visitors along with the mums and dads. Trade visitors include buyers on the lookout for giftwares, homewares, and new stock to add to the shelves of major retailers, plus early childhood educators, kindergartens, crèches, preschools, daycare centres, hospitals, and homecare providers.

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Grow your business with the
Baby Show

These shows offer unique opportunities to help your business make great strides, not baby steps. No other series of events gets you this close to large numbers of your customers keen to talk about your products, see them demonstrated live, exchange feedback, and buy.

Don't delay, talk to us today about becoming a Baby Show exhibitor and growing your business.

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