The Food Show testimonials

"For our second time at The Auckland Food Show, we have again been blown away by the great organisation, attendance and the sheer interest of people coming by our exhibit. We're definitely there for the value of getting our product in front of new people but selling 150 cases of product was a nice way of covering most of our costs. We'll be there next year for sure!" 
– Alex Campbell, GoodBuzz Brewing Co

"This was the first time we had shown The Sisters Wines to a large audience and it was the ideal vehicle to witness people's reaction to the brand. As well as gauging reaction, it was a great opportunity to tell the story and for people to experience the brand - look, read, smell, taste and talk about it. We were also there to support our retailers; however, sales were great for us on the stand too. We'll be back!" 
– Belinda Jackson, The Sisters Wine

“For YOLO, a new affordable luxury brand for the everyday New Zealander. The Food Show Auckland was an AMAZING experience. YOLO's philosophy of getting value for money was delivered on at this show. Foot traffic was consistent over the days with a great conversion rate of tasters to purchasers. Now the NZ public know what YOLO is & where to buy it."

- Khaled Yousef, YOLO

“Wow. The Food Show blew our expectations away, we ended up walking away with more than 3 times the amount we invested into exhibiting at the show. We now have people knocking down our door to get at our product - we 10/10 would do it again."
- Benjamin James, Akemi's Gyoza

"It was our first time having a stand at The Food Show and we were blown away with the response from consumers. Our stand was busy the whole four days and we sold through a lot of product. The staff were extremely helpful - going above and beyond to ensure everything was running smoothly. Aside from the overwhelming positive response another highlight was also being able to interact with other NZ food & beverage companies."
– Naomi Martyn, Dad's Pies

"We found The Food Show absolutely amazing, it was the buzz and reinforcement we needed. It enabled us to connect with our customers and potential stockers. To hear all the positive comments about our products has given us the confidence needed to grow our business."
– Melissa Sattler, Get Real Food

“Having recently launched, The Food Show provided tremendous value in creating brand exposure and product awareness to the right people. Our first two days we engaged with multiple retailers and had some very promising conversations about partnering with them in stocking our range. Throughout the show, there was new customer engagement increasing our market penetration and reach. Today we find our social media swamped with our new customers taking photos of our products and tagging us - this has helped provide a secondary halo effect by exposing us to our new customer's friends and family members. Overall, the show has been a successful marketing platform by allowing us to engage with those people that have the ability to create a significant impact to help our new business grow.”
- Brent Godfrey, Forty Thieves

"The show was indeed a great success for us. Records beaten in every aspect. I felt the clientele were great. They seemed a lot more interested and really helped us develop a welcoming and attractive atmosphere at our stall. The people were mostly receptive and reacted well by either buying, singing up to the club or showing decent appreciation for their experience. The stall and it's position was a big step up from the year before. Having two sides exposed to the show drew people in and allowed us to turn over many more tastings and sales. The success made me immediately want to resign for the same stall. It was a great show, we are looking forward to next year." 
– Vinny Mikosch, Gibbston Valley

"We were delighted to once again partner with the Whirlpool Cooking Theatre at The Food Shows in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch 2016. Our arrangement of matching the chef dishes with our Waipara Hills wines raises awareness of our brand direct with consumers and engages them with our products. Visitors would come over to our stand to try the wines they'd seen on stage and talk to our team. We have seen an increase in sales at our stand from 2015 and believe this is down to the fantastic positioning we have aligned to our sponsorship." 
– Elena Vincent, Accolade Wines

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