"For us, it’s all about showcasing our product to the customers and this is a great event for us because we can get thousands of people to try our product." 
– Emilliano Parini, European Food

"The Food Show is a great platform to showcase your products and it’s a great way to meet your clients and know more about what your clients want instead of making those assumptions that we tend to do." 
– Beki Marsay, Bennets of Mangawhai

"For a business like us - when you’re ready like we are; it’s a great opportunity to get in front of a lot of people and learn about what consumers want. We’re getting that everyday from every person we meet at The Food Show." 
– James Crow, Little Island

"The Food Show is great for us because it helps us promote and trial our product. People get to try the flavours, enjoy them, and hopefully buy them in our parlours and the supermarkets. It’s busy and it’s exciting." 
– Debra Evans, Emerald Foods

"I think The Food show is so important to companies because it gives them a chance to shine, show off their produce, show off what they’re selling and what they’ve been working so hard to do. You just have to look outside, the foot traffic is just phenomenal! There’s so many people just passing through the aisles. It’s just an incredible opportunity for any company that’s got something great to sell."
– Mark Alston & Guy Turland, Bondi Harvest

"The Food Show concept brings the public in and it gives them an opportunity to actually really highlight the advantages of what they’ve got and really  engage with their customers. It’s really a win-win. Its great for the customers and its great for the brands and it’s great for the companies. So really, to a certain extent you’re crazy not to be here."
– Annabelle White, chef

Wellington exhibitor testimonials 2015

“As a first year exhibitor we were impressed with the organisation of, the venue and the calibre of attendees at The Food Show Wellington. It definitely raised the profile of our product and our company, with both trade customers and consumers. Feedback from visitors was that it was much better than previous years. The venue is superb as it allows people to go around the show several times without getting lost."

- Janette Smidt, Pascal’s Pâté

“The Wellington Food Show is a great way to interact with customers and increase brand awareness.”
- Kelsey Lovett, Barry’s Bay Cheese

“For a first time exhibitor, it was a great opportunity for us to get on the spot feedback from the public about our products and to promote our company."
- Dai Phonevilay, Taste Lao

“I thought all in all the show was great for brand awareness. The venue is great. A well organised show by North Port Events.”
- Patrick Tyrrell, Pasquale Wines

“North Port Events is a very professional company and easy to deal with. Their staff are always helpful.”
- Sue Cranswick, Esk Valley Estate

Christchurch exhibitor testimonials 2015

"We were delighted to find previous customers at the show who thought we had gone out of business following the Christchurch earthquake. We enjoyed reengaging with them and letting them know they could continue to buy our products."
- Wendy Smith, Totally Gluten Free Bakery


"The main reason we keep returning to The Food Show is not for the sales we make over the three days. The real value for us is the ongoing brand loyalty and sales we make at retail after the fact. Customers engage with us, try our product, buy it at the show, and if it’s not currently at their deli or supermarket, they’ll ask the owner to get it in. For the customers who do currently have it stocked at their local supermarket, Meyer Gouda becomes their brand of choice and the sales keep coming. We always make some good trade contacts at The Food Show as well and that is another important reason why we consider it a good marketing spend to participate in these events.”
- Miel Meyer, Meyer Gouda Cheese

"The Christchurch Food Show was very successful for us and we are enjoying continuing business with our online sales. We have 2 main streams at the shows, one is sales of individual cuts which allows the customers to experience our product and give them the confidence and knowledge that when purchasing our lamb that the quality is all that we say it is. Online sales are part 2 but in fact are our main focus. We carry a sample of one of our boxes of lamb so that it is visual for the customer and we sell these on site. We’re able to connect with the clients as they enquire and guide them through our site with an ipad. We find that this proving a very successful sales tool."
- Sue French, Leelands Lamb

“The team from North Port Events and The Christchurch Food Show provide a great vehicle to grow our sales in the South Island through tastings of our product range.”
- Keith Clark, Lewis Road Creamery

“This was the second Food Show I have organised for Aoraki Smokehouse Salmon. The staff at North Port Events were great and very helpful with all my questions. All our staff had a great time and we will definitely be back next year.”
- Lisa Brohm, Aoraki Salmon

“We sold far more product than we imagined and gained leads for potential new business, all in all it was a great show that exceeded our expectations and the goals we had set ourselves. We all came away on a high!”
- Tracy Levey, Benjer Drinks

"We loved meeting visitors at The Christchurch Food Show. It was a great platform to build our brand profile and introduce more products to the Christchurch audience." 
- David Alexander, Chantal Organics

“It was an awesome time exhibiting at the show. Not only was it good to spend time with our Auckland representative and have some fun, but meeting old and new trade customers and our consumers. There was great camaraderie between store holders, too."
- David Alexander, Chantal Organics

“As Pure Delish products are at the higher end of the market, The Food Show is the perfect opportunity for people to try before they buy. The Food Show is also fantastic for creating a bit of a buzz around any new product offerings.”
- Amanda Macdonald, Pure Delish

“We had no idea what to expect going in. All we can say is that it was the most exhilarating, exhausting, stretching, and fun experience! By the end of the show, we had sold out of five of our products and booked to show for The Food Show 2015!”
- Patsy Way, The Tea Lady and The Sweet Buffet Company

“We had a great time at the show! It was hilarious and heart-warming when dairy-free people almost walked past our stand assuming they couldn’t have our products, and then the penny dropped that it was dairy-free.”
- Alice Shopland, Angel Food

“We needed to connect with our customers, to find out what they liked about the product and what they didn’t. What better way than The Food Show?”
- Brent Milburn, Posey Bread

"We exhibited at The Food Show Wellington for the first time this year but found it to be a valuable exercise. On conclusion of the show we took part in a 'post show offers' visitor newsletter. We had a very good response to this which added to the overall success of the show. The North Port team even took care of the set of the ad making the process quick and easy..this always appeals!!"
- Sue French, Leelands Lamb

"The staff from North Port Events were great, and friendly who go the extra mile to supply all information required (even at the last minute) to help me as a supplier organise the event stress free!"
- Khan Murray, Premier Beehive NZ

"The Food Show Wellington was our best show yet, we had lots of customers sampling our Kim Crawford wines, with great glass sales and fantastic bottle sales. It was a great environment to be promoting our brand and meeting our consumers."
- Jenn McKenzie, Kim Crawford Wines

"The Food Show Wellington is fantastic show to be a part of. This is our second year exhibiting and we sold out, even after we brought more stock than the previous year.  For such a new product, and a product that needs a wee bit of explaining, we couldn't have asked for more.  See you next year with more stock!"
- Brent Rogers, Extra Fresh

"The Wellington Food Show was an excellent forum to promote our brand within the Wellington region and further afield. It was a great opportunity for us to gain market feedback about our product and an excellent way for us to engage with our existing purchasers, and educate new customers which will in turn will help sales in our local supermarkets - so a win win all round."
- Trudi Peet, LASCo

"The Food Show Wellington showed a better quality of visitors than the previous year with customers primed and ready to buy. Lower visitor quantity, but higher visitor quality, which resulted in greater opportunities for engagement with customers and ultimately closing sales."
- Jodi Baxter, Moana Park Winery

"It was our first time at The Food Show, so moderate expectations were greatly exceeded by the enthusiastic response of all visitors to our stand. And we had fun (still recovering!)"
- Roland Dallas, Dovedale Foods


"We really enjoy working with North Port Events, as they are a highly organised operation that provides excellent support and event opportunities."
- Anita Sarginson, Wellington Culinary Fare

"North Port Events is a very professional company that you can always rely on. A pleasure to deal with all staff."
- Sue Cranswick, Esk Valley Estate

"It was great meeting customers and seeing the expressions on their faces from trying something new."
- David Alexander, Chantal Organic

“The Food Show was fantastic, there was a true sense of quality and professionalism right throughout the show. For us we had great brand and product exposure, people loved to stop and chat, even if they didn't drink beer! They were intrigued by our bottle (with the Tuatara's tail moulded into the neck of the bottle) and interested in what was being sold as "Tuatara" as all kiwi's know the rarity of the species!
We’re looking forward to the Auckland show, and of course to return next year to Christchurch.”
- Nathania Pearson, Tuatara Brewery

“The show was beneficial, strong sales and a keen interest from guests was really good. We did have some trade approaches which is always the best result for us. With show sales generally covering the cost of exhibiting, the trade contacts and brand promotion it’s well worth it.”
- Miel Meyer, Meyer Gouda Cheese.

“As usual we saw many existing customers who came to stock up their pantries and to try other products in our range, as well as new customers who appreciate the opportunity to taste so many of our products so conveniently.”
- Bruce Eglington, Pukara Estate

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