Greeting visitors

Takes 3 minutes to read

It is important that all staff be the perfect host whilst on your show stand so as to make it as inviting as possible for visitors to stop by. What staff don’t do is as important as what they do do.

See our Staffing your stand guide for tips on hiring the right kinds of people, and how to keep them focused on your show goals.

Whilst some points below seem obvious, they can easily be forgotten when the show is buzzing with thousands of visitors – ensure you put your best foot forward with these simple tips:

  • Stay standing.  Visitors will assume you are having some “quiet time” if you are sitting at your stand. When you are standing (and smiling) you are welcoming visitors to approach you.
  • Don’t read.  Visitors won’t approach you if they think you are too busy and will walk past. And more importantly, how are you to see them when you can’t make eye contact.
  • Don’t eat or drink. It looks messy and unprofessional. Visitors will be too polite to disturb you whilst eating. Remember if you do need a break, there is an exhibitor lounge for you to use.
  • Acknowledge new visitors. If you are with another person when someone new approaches, either acknowledge them or try and include them into your discussion. If you are talking to another staff member, stop and attend to your visitor immediately.
  • Don’t text or talk on your mobile phone. It gives the impression that you are too busy and a visitor will just walk past you if they see you on the phone. Take any urgent calls away from your stand.
  • Don’t stand guard. Don’t put yourself where you barricade or block your visitor’s view. Keep the entrance to your stand open and inviting.
  • Don't be overly generous. Your marketing material ends up in the same bag as every other company. Be mindful about who you give your material to. If possible, ask for a mailing address and post out to qualified prospects as part of your pre show activity.
  • Don’t judge prospects. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. However do qualify them, just don’t classify them.
  • Don’t be a ‘street gang’. Don’t mingle with friends and staff on your stand. A visitor won’t want to approach a group of strangers – it’s too intimidating. Ensure your stand remains approachable.